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Growth and Development

At ADAMA, we know that achieving excellence requires the highest level of professionalism alongside a robust company culture. ADAMA is committed to continually investing in our People’s personal and professional development. We provide our People with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in their present role, as well as prepare them to take the next step in their career.

Learning & Development Opportunities

We are privileged to provide our People with various possibilities to advance both personally and professionally.

Welcome to ADAMA – Employee Onboarding

Joining ADAMA can be the start of a fruitful and exciting partnership between the new colleague, their direct manager, peers, team and company.

The first months are a time to learn; both for the new employee to learn about ADAMA, and for us to learn about our new team member.

For that purpose we’ve created our online onboarding platform; a collection of materials and tools that support this mutual learning, to ensure we onboard our people in a valuable, effective and personal way.

SPARK – Learning Hub

ADAMA’s learning hub offers multiple opportunities both from the company and using external resources, to train and inspire our People, anywhere and anytime.

ADAMA’s learning hub offers multiple opportunities both from within the company and using external resources, to train and inspire our People, anywhere and anytime.

Our learning hub is accessible in several languages, available for all our People and it consists of:

  • Original ADAMA content;
  • LinkedIn library containing over 15,000 courses
  • “Marketplace of Opportunities”
    These are personal and professional development activities provided by our global leadership community, enabling our People to collaborate and share their expertise.

Mandatory and Local Training

On a global level, our People are required to complete online sessions trainings which cover various topics such as the ADAMA Code of Conduct, Health and Safety, Data Privacy and more. In addition, our local sites offer training sessions and workshops that are specified to their local needs.

Forming Strong Leaders

We believe that the success of a company is deeply grounded in the quality of its leadership. Our Leadership Framework describes the skills and behaviors that characterize a successful manager at ADAMA. The Framework serves as the basis for screening and hiring senior personnel and drives the content of various management development programs, succession plans and manager evaluations.


We designed a Managerial Development Program called Maestro, based on our Leadership Framework. This program aims to strengthen ADAMA’s managerial community, sharpen managers’ influence skills and foster a winner’s mindset, which together help reinforce ADAMA’s DNA.

We have developed “managerial toolbox” to promote the integration of the Leadership Framework into daily routines. These tools include fortifying personal resilience, building trusted relationships, growing and empowering people, increasing team effectiveness, and promoting effective relationship interfaces.

We strive to help our managers develop the skills that will enable them to successfully lead in complex environments.

Talent Mapping

Our annual “High-Performance: High Potential” (HiPo) mapping process takes place among our Leadership community, including our People who are one-level below Leadership. The purpose of this process is to assess our bench strength and support our high potential employees (HiPo’s) with Individual Development Plans.

Management discussions regarding People issues are conducted on a quarterly basis. Our Leaders and People Business Partners are accompanying our HiPo’s in their development journey.

Career Opportunities

Performance Review Process

At ADAMA, professional development is an inherent part of our annual performance review process, in which all our People, including senior executives, participate. The process offers a platform for employees and their managers to discuss, define and monitor personal development goals. As such, it establishes a direct link between professional development, performance, and rewards.


of employees participated in the performance review process, which is 1% more than in 2019.*

* 2018 — excluding site in Brazil, Anpon and non-managerial level of Sanonda
* 2019 — excluding site in Brazil, Bonide, and non-managerial level of Anpon

Internal Mobility

The Performance Review process has been conducted globally for 10 years and is available in 19 languages. We have adopted a structured, in-depth annual process for evaluating the performance and abilities of our People. The assessment allows our People to prepare career development programs and set long-term career goals. We continuously introduce improvements based on lessons learned from prior years.


of all open positions were filled internally , in 2020

We aim to always provide our People with room for growth. Our internal mobility policy encourages and enables our people to pursue complete, long-term careers within the organization.

We believe that it is in everybody’s best interest to provide full support to team members who want to grow and advance to a different role within ADAMA.

For this reason, our internal mobility policy sets a clear priority for internal applicants over external applicants for open positions at ADAMA. After working for two years at ADAMA, any employee may apply for a new position within the company.

All applicable jobs are available on the internal career portal and are published two weeks before becoming publicly available.

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