Our Commitment

Our Stakeholders

The ability of farmers to meet the needs of a growing global population while using fewer natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions depends on collaboration across the agricultural community. Sustainable agriculture is too important, and too complex for one business to lead the agenda alone. Therefore, we place great emphasis on listening to and learning from our stakeholders, to help us to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our operation.

Listening to Farmers and Customers

As part of this initiative, ADAMA built dedicated crop management teams throughout the world to maintain ongoing and direct communication with farmers. Each team consists of expert agronomists that provide unbiased advice on the best solutions to maintain the healthy crops and support farmers in using ADAMA products in a safe and sustainable way. 

Listening to Our People

Only by actively listening and seeking out additional opportunities to hear from our People, can we improve as a company. In addition to daily dialogue, we implement periodic engagement surveys, and a “360° Assessment” of managers. The 2018 engagement survey reflected that our People are satisfied with the physical work environment, culture & values, customer focus and work/life balance. Although we have made great improvements since 2016, our People identified areas for improvement in learning and development, career opportunities, employer brand as well as rewards and recognition. Based on this feedback, ADAMA launched our new learning platform, SPARK. 

88% Participation rate in the 2020 People engagement survey. 

70% employee engagement score.

Listening to Our Communities

We apply our listening approach to the communities we operate in and build personal, lasting relationships with our partners.  With each collaboration that we initiate or engage in, we take time in advance to understand the needs of those involved, whether they are local authorities, welfare departments, NGOs or other local organizations. We continue conducting an ongoing dialogue with our partners throughout the year. 

Our Industry Memberships

We recognize the importance of participating in both international and local committees and organizations to achieve improvement in industry-related issues. Taking part in such committees allows us to create a dialogue and share knowledge with other industry members, with governmental and non-governmental organizations, to benefit all stakeholders.

In addition to our memberships in the chambers of commerce of several of the countries in which we operate as well as in committees, on various relevant topics around the world, we actively participate in the initiatives of various organizations among others, those listed below, and we frequently share information with other organization members as we strive for a safe and sustainable future.

GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards

GRI 103, GRI 102-13, GRI-102-40,  GRI 102-42, GRI 102-43, GRI 102-44

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