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Facing a Growing Set of Challenges

Farmers everywhere face a growing set of challenges: ever-increasing threats from weeds, pests and diseases; the adverse impact of climate change; rising consumer demand for nutritious, safe and affordable food; and societal expectations that the agricultural community limit greenhouse gas emissions.

With the broadest portfolio of active ingredients and products in the world, we are uniquely positioned to address the global challenges and local needs of our customers. ADAMA carefully selects the most effective and sustainable molecules on which to create everything from our more common off-patent products to our differentiated, market-leading solutions. This gives farmers an array of offerings that address all their various needs.

ADAMA’s product portfolio includes approximately 300 active ingredients and 1,350 different formulations

Product Portfolio

ADAMA offers a comprehensive range of highly effective herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides that help farmers increase their yields by preventing or controlling weeds, insects, and diseases that harm their crops. 

In the absence of crop protection products, farmers would lose 30%-70% of their crop yields.


Farmers face significant yield loss every year due to weed competition. ADAMA’s broad range of herbicide solutions Addresses resistance challenges, overcome weeds, and help guarantee a substantially increased harvest.  Our portfolio is comprised of the most advanced, effective, and sustainable molecules, which we combine to create smart mixtures and formulations.

ADAMA proudly introduced the cereal herbicide Merkur® in France in 2019 and will launch Brazen® in Canada in 2020. Both products offer growers choice and resistance management tools.


Crops suffer from direct damage, diseases, and contamination caused by a wide variety of pests. Our insecticide portfolio offers an extensive range of trusted solutions, a growing number of differentiated mixtures and formulations and innovative products.  

Trivor®, launched in Brazil in 2019, is a leader in the control of White Fly in soybeans and is based on a unique mixture ratio of Acetamiprid and Pyriproxyfen.  This completes the extensive soybean crop offer from ADAMA.


Fungi are a common cause of diseases in plants, impairing their development and negatively impacting the quantity and quality of crop yields.

ADAMA has responded to the ban of Chlorothalonil in Europe by launching a new product powered by MSI Protech™ (Folpet based) to provide growers with a key resistance management tool, ensuring the sustainable use of a broader range of fungicide products.   

Product Stewardship

We are committed to developing high quality, sustainable solutions that are safe for both users and the environment. Our products are developed to meet the strict safety standards set by government authorities, and they undergo robust testing before they reach the market. ADAMA’s internal Quality Policy ensures that we constantly monitor our products’ performance and customer satisfaction, allowing us to address any issues that arise. 

Ideating from the Field

Product in Focus - Cronnos®

ADAMA’s market-leading Cronnos® is the most effective product available today to combat Asian Soybean Rust. This highly devastating disease is the leading cause of yield loss in one of the world’s most important crops.

The product concept came from meetings with soybean growers and agronomic experts in the field who identified a key pain point: blocked spray nozzles from available solid formulation Mancozeb products.  ADAMA developed a proprietary solution incorporating Mancozeb in a liquid formulation and delivering superior performance and ease-of-use. Cronnos® is comprised of three active ingredients and formulated using a novel technology, providing gradual release, improved stickiness and rainfastness, and faster active ingredient penetration into the leaves.

Minimizing the risk to health, safety and environment

Product in Focus - Novaluron

Novaluron is an important part of ADAMA’s portfolio, with a highly favorable environmental and human health profile. ADAMA has created several leading products incorporating Novaluron:

RIMON® an insect growth regulator for control of Lepidoptera pests in a wide range of crops and non-crop markets. Additional brands: BARAZIDE®, CORMORAN®, PLEMAX®,PLETHORA®, VORAZ®, DIAMOND®

Plethora® (Novaluron + Indoxacarb SC)

ADAMA’s market-leading product is the preferred product in India to combat lepidopteran pests in cotton, chili, grams and a wide range of crops. The product concept came out of meetings with Indian growers and has been a lead solution for the past 8 years there. As a result of its success in India, our agronomists considered it a good potential fit for Brazil’s Bt traits in soybean, cotton and corn, which remain vulnerable to yield loss due to Spodoptera and soybean looper. After introducing the concept to Brazilian farmers and agronomists, and an analysis of the Bt traits, we adjusted the formulation of Plethora® to create a best fit for the Brazilian market, where it recently achieved registration.

Ensuring safe use of our products through farmer education and new technologies

Beyond meeting stringent regulatory requirements, ADAMA stewards our products to ensure that farmers know how to use them appropriately, providing training and information to our customers through face-to-face interactions and on-line platforms. 


Whether in person, through our call center, or our mobile app REACH, we ensure that India’s farmers are educated on the safe use of our extensive product offerings. Farmer meetings always start with a training session on the appropriate use of our products, and we provide them with protective gear.


The reforestation effort in the Brazilian Amazon requires unprecedented global cooperation. When Brazilian farmers achieve optimum yields on minimum acreage, more land is available for replanting forests. We support our Brazilian customers through ADAMA C.U.I.D.A., an organization we launched to train farmers on the safe and effective use of our pasture herbicides to increase yields and limit the expansion of their planted area.


In 2019 we joined BASF, Syngenta, Corteva Agriscience, and Nufarm to further improve the way crop protection products are handled in Europe by promoting the use of closed transfer system (CTS) technology called easyconnect. The easyconnect system allows crop protection products to be directly transferred from their original container to the spray tank, reducing operator exposure and environmental risks. Many of ADAMA’s customers in European countries are piloting easyconnect, and they have provided positive feedback about the system for its benefit to the operators, farmers and the environment.

GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards

GRI 103, GRI 102-2, GRI 102-9, GRI 203-2, GRI 304-3, GRI 413-1, GRI 413-2

Sustainable Development Goals

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

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