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We are a global leader in crop protection, providing solutions to farmers across the world to combat weeds, insects and disease. ADAMA has one of the widest and most diverse portfolios of active ingredients in the industry as well as state-of-the-art R&D, manufacturing and formulation facilities. With a culture that empowers our people to listen to farmers and ideate from the field, ADAMA is uniquely positioned to offer a vast array of distinctive mixtures, formulations and high-quality, differentiated products, to deliver solutions that meet local farmer and customer needs in over 100 countries globally.

2020 Highlights



new registrations

$70 Million

invested in R&D



employee retention rate in 2020


employee engagement score, which is 10% above the AgChem industry norm.


of all open positions were filled internally in 2020


Health & Safety


continuous reduction of the Injury rate since 2016, reaching 0.46 in 2020

Our Environment

$81 Million

investments in HSE
projects in 2020

Global Presence


Reaching Farmers in 100+




Main Operation Hubs


Manufacturing Sites


R&D Centers

Who we are

ADAMA offers a comprehensive range of high quality, differentiated and effective herbicides, insecticides and fungicides that help farmers worldwide to increase yields by preventing or controlling weeds, insects and disease that harm their crops. 

Our Values

Getting it Done

Our get it done attitude drives us to constantly seek better, more effective solutions for our customers with energy and enthusiasm. We roll up our sleeves to meet their challenges, keep our promises and deliver results. That’s when we’re at our best.

Creating Simplicity

We keep things simple. That’s because we get how complex and challenging farming and our industry is. We bring a straightforward and clear approach to doing business with our customers and work hard to make farmers’ lives easier with effective, easy-to-use solutions.

Empowering People

Each of us has the freedom to act; bring new ideas to strengthen ADAMA and improve the solutions we provide our customers. We’re empowered to take initiative and to think entrepreneurially. This goes together with a commitment to mentor, train, inspire and provide resources to help us perform better.


Our passion is the fuel that propels us. We’re passionate about agriculture and the role we play in helping farmers produce the food needed to nourish the planet. We’re dedicated to the success of ADAMA and the success of our customers, partners and colleagues around the world.

Our Management

ADAMA has an integrated management approach to sustainability. Our top managers have responsibility for aspects of our sustainable business, and these are integrated by Michal Arlosoroff, EVP Legal and Chief Sustainability Officer. 

Total Sales (in $M)

in 2020

Total Sales (in $M) ​

in 2019

Regional Sales Performance

2019 $M

2020 $M

Sales by Product Category

2019 $M

2020 $M

Economic Value Generated and Distributed*

Net sales3,996,7724,127,751
Other income 22,37812,793
Total economic value produced (income):4,019,1504,140,544
Operating costs (Including R&D expenses, employee wages and other expenses)3,950,8024,057,924
Out of which: Community programs (Donations)1,9272,807
Tax epenses, net25,54831,552
Dividends (including to non-controlling interests)49,3409,162
Total economic value distributed4,025,6894,098,632
Total economic value gained-6,54041,906

* The financial information above should be read in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements of ADAMA Ltd. as filed in the Shenzhen stock exchange in accordance to the PRC GAAP.

During January 2019, Adama Ltd. purchased Jiangsu Anpon Electrochemical co. LTD. (Hereinafter – “Anpon”). Since Anpon’s purchase is considered as “Business Combination Under Common Control”, according to the PRC GAAP, Anpon’s results are consolidated as if it had been acquired prior to 1 January 2018.

Economic Impact in Israel

Israel is one of our largest bases of operation, so in 2019, together with Rotem Strategy Company, we measured our impact on the Israeli economy using a globally accepted model for economic contribution assessment. We based the assessment of ADAMA’s impact on three dimensions: employment, GDP and state income.

The study concluded that ADAMA’s operations in Israel create a significant economic contribution to the country. ADAMA generated about 4,365 direct and indirect jobs, 1.7 billion NIS in direct and indirect products, and 562 million NIS in state revenue. Over the past 15 years, ADAMA has invested over 3.5 billion NIS in fixed assets and has received tax benefits of 203 million NIS. In addition to these direct economic contributions, the analysis found that ADAMA greatly contributed to the export of Israeli goods, employment and development of geographically peripheral communities, to academia and research, and to the promotion of secondary and higher education.

Our History

ADAMA celebrates its more than 70-year heritage, having started from two Israeli crop protection companies, Makhteshim and Agan, that were established in 1952 and 1945 respectively, and then merged in 1997 to form Makhteshim Agan. In 2011, we became part of the ChemChina Group (the China National Chemical Corporation), which started a new and exciting chapter in our story. In 2014, we introduced our new global brand and became known as ADAMA. In 2017, with our landmark combination with Sanonda, we returned to the public markets.

On June 2020 the Company announced that it joined Syngenta Group as a distinctive member. This newly formed ag-industry leader was created together by agricultural businesses ChemChina and Sinochem.

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The Syngenta Group, comprising ADAMA, Syngenta and Sinochem’s agriculture-related activities, is expected to become one of the world’s leading agriculture input companies.

GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards

GRI 103, GRI 102-9, GRI 102-44, GRI 307-1, GRI 413-1, GRI 413-2

Sustainable Development Goals

Clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in.

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity.

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

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