Our People

Diversity of Our People

Employing more than 7,500 people in over 45 countries, ADAMA cherishes the diverse richness of varying cultures and enjoys the benefits that this vibrant mosaic brings. At ADAMA, we aim to create an engaging, passionate and empowering environment, where all our people have equal opportunities to grow and thrive.

Employee Retention Rate
in 2020

Employee Engagement Score in 2020 is 70%,
which is 10% above AgChem Industry

Our Growing Team

Since 2017, our team has been growing rapidly, reaching 7,505 people by the end of 2020. Our turnover rate stayed within normal range, varying from  12.18% in 2019 to 12.8% in 2020.

Total Number of People

Number of people4,8644,9555,0577,6757,7597,505

New Hires


* Including Bonide, a new company

End of Employment


Our People’s Roles

Equality and Diversity

ADAMA evolved from a diverse group of entities and individuals. Our people flourish when we embrace differences and empower them to be authentic.
By valuing inclusivity, showing respect to all and embodying equality, we strive to better the lives of others.

We outline and focus our D&I activities around four main pillars: Eliminating biases, Promoting equality, Impacting community and empowering people.

In 2020 we established a global D&I Committee under the leadership of one of our management team members. The committee developed and enhanced our ambition and will be responsible for the execution of various initiatives and KPIs as we look to improve and amplify the diversity of our teams and the inclusiveness within our culture.


Age Diversity

At ADAMA, the age of our People is not a factor in hiring decisions, remuneration, nor promotion. The company believes that diversity, regarding multiple parameters including age, is important for the quality of work and the overall working environment.


Workforce by Age

EmployeeMiddle Mgmt.​Senior Mgmt.​Top Mgmt.​EmployeeMiddle Mgmt.​​Senior Mgmt.​​Top Mgmt.​​

Gender Diversity

ADAMA places great importance on encouraging the employment of women in all roles across the company and recognizes the need to increase the percentage of women in the workforce. Wherever possible, we have established a policy of flexible work hours to enable our People to balance their work hours and family time. We also enable our People to do some of their work from home.

Workforce by Gender 2019-2020

Our ongoing monitoring of the gender pay gap shows that on the employee level in 2019, the base salary for women was higher than the base salary for men. The salary of middle management was equal between genders. At the senior and top management level, respectively — the reason for the gap is the large variance in role type at this level.

Gender salary ratio (%*)  2019-2020

*men’s base salary divided by women’s base salary

GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards

GRI 103, GRI 102-8, GRI 401-1, GRI 405-2

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